Connecting bespoke Developments to unique finance.

ACE Funding matches Development opportunities on a case-by-case basis to a unique network of Funders. We work with discretion to meet our funders’ requirements meaning that no time is wasted and opportunities are only directed towards the investors that will have in interest.

ACE Funding prefer to work with Developers that are willing to contribute 10-15% of the overall Equity requirement for a development. This is particularly true if the project is the first development being introduced to an investor. Over time and through the funding of multiple developments a stronger relationship is established within our network and possibly a higher % of GDC funding can be secured.

We follow a very simple process and will require the following details from any developer seeking to secure funding through our network:

  1. Finance Questionnaire.
    The ACE Funding Finance questionnaire is designed to answer all the considerations that a funder will have when being introduced to a Developer and development opportunity. This provides the starting point from which we will work to introduce a Developer to our funding network.
  2. Proven track record.
    This can be demonstrated in a number of ways but is usually a recent portfolio of completed projects. This serves to provide an example of the type and quality of work produced by the developer and establishes credibility early on in the relationship.
  3. ACE Funding Terms of Service.
    The ACE Funding Terms of Service is a standard document signed by all funders and developers working with ACE Funding. It verifies that ACE Funding have either agreed to source development projects on behalf of funders or have agreed to source funding on behalf of Developers. This is required prior to any introductions being made.
  4. Appraisal.
    An individual appraisal is required for each development being introduced to ACE Funding and our network. This will include the scope, scale, exit strategy and complete costs of the project. We also require an ‘Executive Summary’ of the project to outline the development in a few sentences without providing specific details. This outline forms part of the ‘first contact’ with our investor network as we establish the interest in securing funding for the development.

At ACE Funding our focus is relationship management and development. We only work with proven Developers and Funders whom we trust. The efficient financing of one development opportunity is likely to lead to a long-lasting relationship and further financing of other developments across the whole spectrum of property development.

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